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radiology resident's 'hot seat' review courses

Exam-oriented Comprehensive Courses for Post-Graduate Radiology Students.

Dear registered delegate,

We look forward to welcome you for this course.

Kindly go through the following information for your convenience:

  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi is along the Delhi-Mathura Road at Sarita Vihar. The nearest Metro station is "Apollo-Jasola".
  2. If you are using your own mode of transport and coming from the Ashram side, take the 2nd gate for the hospital on your left side. Tell the security guard that you are here to attend the Radiology Resident's 'Hot seat' Review Course at Auditorium, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. It is advisable to carry the print-out / photocopy of the brochure or the registration acknowledgement copy. Follow the signage to auditorium and park your car in front of the Auditorium or the region of Heli-pad (open space in front of Auditorium).
  3. Find the registration desk for the Radiology Resident's 'Hot seat' Review Course at Auditorium and check your details. Collect your delegate kit and the badge, which will ensure your entry to the venue. Kindly call 9811135957, in case of any problem/difficulty.
  4. We need to stick to time and will start on time at 8:00 AM. Kindly reach the venue on time and do not miss any of the session. We have included extensive late evening spotter sessions with discussions during this course to ensure emphasis on this crucial component of Radiology examinations. With an objective to maximize the learning opportunities, we have incorporated extended course timings from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on days 1 & 2 and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on day 3.
  5. It is advisable to carry a pen and notebook, to better serve your learning objectives.
  6. Keep your mobile phones off or on the silent mode only. You can go outside the auditorium to attend to any important call.
  7. Radiology Resident's 'Hot seat' Review Course is designed to train the residents for approach to an unknown case, film reading and general viva sessions. 'Case-based reviews' will highlight teaching points and imaging checklists. It is advisable to be ready for intense learning activity for the whole day and revise in the evening.
  8. The highlights of the course include ‘Case-based system-wise HOT-SEAT Review Sessions’ and ‘VIVA Sessions on unknown case films’ for real-exam simulation along with individual feedbacks. Demo sessions will cover ‘Drugs & Devices in IR’, ‘Radiological Contrast Media’, ‘Radiological Procedures’ and ‘Radiography/Radiation Equipments’. The demo session on Radiological procedures will specifically cover BARIUM studies –technique and interpretation. ‘Short teaching sessions’ and ‘Spotters Sessions’ are other key components of the course.
  9. Total of 16 students willreceive Certificates of Appreciation based on their performance during the ‘hot-seat reviews’. Top-scorers award and Spot prizes will be given for the Spotter sessions. Certificates of Distinction will be awarded to the top three students for overall outstanding performance during the course. Soft copy of select course material will also be provided. . If you have not given your names for the hot seat reviews during the registration, you may still submit your name at the venue.
  10. This three-day course will cover the major topics in all major systems, which are important from exam point of view. If you are ready with the theory, it is much better.
  11. Also feel free to bring your list of queries and ask whenever time permits.
  12. Kindly collect your certificates for the course and also submit he feedback forms, before you leave. Make sure to write your correct email IDs on the feedback forms, so that the soft copy of the select presentations can be mailed to you.

Looking forward to welcome you for this course.

For Course Coordinators.