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radiology resident's 'hot seat' review courses

Exam-oriented Comprehensive Courses for Post-Graduate Radiology Students.

‘Radiology Resident HOT SEAT Review Courses’.

‘Radiology Resident HOT SEAT Review Courses’ are exam-oriented comprehensive courses for post-graduate Radiology students with multi-system, multi-modality course curriculum. The course is designed for the exam-going post-graduate students, who have to appear for the practical component of Radiology DNB,MD, DMRD or any other examination in Radiology. The course is likely to be more useful for these students, if they are ready with the theoretical component. The course is carefully designed in the best interest of the exam-going post-graduate students in Radiology and has following components:

  1. ‘Case-based system-wise HOT-SEAT Review Sessions’ are the unique component of the course, which will help the exam-going students to practice case presentations with description of the radiological findings, approach to possible differential diagnoses and establishing the most likely diagnosis. A student is asked to sit on the Hot Seat and face the case images and questions shown by the faculty during the session, while other students observe the discussion and may also interact with the faculty. The course faculty ensures to provide valuable feedback to the students soon after their Hot Seat participation. These system-based sessions provides immense confidence to the students and enhances their chances of success in the exams.
  2. ‘VIVA Sessions on unknown case films’ is based on the case presentation of unknown case films and is a ‘mock exam’. The case films are often multi-modality and belong to one or more organ systems. The course faculty ensures to provide valuable feedback to the students soon after their ‘mock exams’. These sessions provides immense confidence to the students to face the actual examination.
  3. There are total of four demo sessions, which combine the salient theoretical points and demonstration of the important practical points in a single session. Demo sessions will cover ‘Drugs & Devices in Interventional Radiology’, ‘RadiologicalContrast Media’, ‘Radiological Procedures’ and ‘Radiography/Radiation Equipments’. The demo session on Radiological procedures specifically cover Barium studies – technique and interpretation.
  4. ‘Short teaching sessions’ – Diagnostic Pearls & Pitfalls are short sessions to highlight important practical points which helps the students to improve their understanding of the basic concepts in clinical Radiology and significantly help in image interpretation and disease diagnosis during the exams and also later on in their career.
  5. ‘Short teaching sessions’ – How-I-do? are short sessions to highlight important practical points which helps the students to improve their description of the radiological findings during the case presentations on particular topics.
  6. ‘Extensive late-evening Spotter sessions with discussions’ are one of the most popular sessions of the course. The spotters included are based on exam pattern with multi-modality images and appear in random order. These sessions provide useful chance to practice for the exams. Multiple round of spotters are shown which are duly assessed and scored by the faculty with feedbacks.
  7. Based on the feedbacks received during the previous courses and with an objective to maximize the learning opportunities during the course duration, we have incorporated extended course timings from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on days 1 & 2 and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on day 3.
  8. Certificates of Appreciation will be given to the registered students based on their performance during the HOT SEAT reviews. Top-scorers award and Spot prizes will be given for the Spotter sessions. Certificates of Distinction will be awarded to the top three students for overall outstanding performance during the course. Soft copy of select course material will also be provided.
  9. Radiology Resident HOT SEAT Review Courses offer three days courses in February and August every year to the exam-going students. The teaching initiatives are however, not only restricted to the course duration. The registered students are free to contact the course organizers and faculty anytime even after the course for any help, assistance or query regarding the exams preparations. Even after the exams, the students should feel free to contact us for any guidance related to their future job prospects as Radiologist in India or abroad.
  10. Radiology Resident HOT SEAT Review Courses provides excellent teaching platform to learn and improve image interpretation skills, approach to differential diagnoses and establishing the final diagnosis in Clinical Radiology. These comprehensive courses therefore provide excellent opportunity for post-graduate Radiology students to enhance their performance in the forthcoming examinations and also in their future career as a Radiologist.