Exam-oriented Comprehensive Courses for Post-Graduate Radiology Students

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17th 'Hot Seat' Review Course ONSITE

Forthcoming Course
Dates : 2nd, 3rd and 4th August 2024

Mock Exam ONLINE

Forthcoming Course
Dates : To be announced soon

Radiology Resident's HOT SEAT Review Course (ONSITE)

Forthcoming Course-
Dates : 2nd, 3rd and 4th August 2024
Day 1 and 2- 8 am to 8 pm, Day 3- 8 am to 6 pm
Auditorium, Apollo Hospital Indraprastha, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, India

Steps to register-

Step 1- Pay the amount specified by following the details mentioned here-

Step 2- Fill the form linked below, upon sucessfully completing step 1

Upon sucessful verification of your payment, You will receive an acknowledgement email within a weekIncase of any assistence or query, feel free to reach out to-📞 +91-11-71792065, +91-9811135957
✉ [email protected]

Course Highlights

  • ONSITE course with New Updated Format

  • Multi-System, Multi-Modality Course Curriculum

  • Case-based HOT SEAT Review sessions

  • Film Reading Session- Mixed Unknown Cases

  • Recent Advances in Radiology Session

  • OSCE Sessions (Exam- Format)- Practice Sessions

  • Radiology ANATOMY Sessions

  • Spotter Session (Exam- Format)- Practice session

  • Faculty interactions and personalized feedback

  • Demo Session 1: Drugs and Devices in IR

  • Demo Session 2: Procedures and Barium Studies

  • Demo Session 3: Radiological Contrat Media

  • Demo Session 4: Radiation Equipment

  • Demo Session 5: Mammography Interpretation

  • Radiology QUIZ Session

  • Short Teaching Sessions- Rad' Pearls and pitfalls

  • Certification of appreciation/ Distinction

  • PDF of select course material

Payment Methods-

Registration typeprice
Early bird (before 15th July 2024)7000/-
After 15th July 20248000/-
Single day3000/-

1. UPI the corresponding amount to the UPI ID- 9811135957m@pnbor you can also use the QR code given below-

2. You can also send the corresponding amount by NEFT
Account details:
Bank A/c No. 50762413000947
IFSC Code: PUNB0507610
Punjab National Bank Apollo Hospital Branch, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 110076 (INDIA)


Make sure you fill the form linked below upon completion of payment, in order to successfully complete the registration for the course

For any assistance or query, feel free to reach out to-📞 +91-11-71792065, +91-9811135957
✉ [email protected]


Dear registered delegate,We look forward to welcome you for this course.Kindly go through the following information for your convenience:1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi is along the Delhi-Mathura Road at Sarita Vihar. The nearest Metro station is "Apollo-Jasola".2. If you are using your own mode of transport and coming from the Ashram side, take the 2nd gate for the hospital on your left side. Tell the security guard that you are here to attend the Radiology Resident's 'Hot seat' Review Course at Auditorium, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. It is advisable to carry the print-out / photocopy of the brochure or the registration acknowledgement copy. Follow the signage to auditorium and park your car in front of the Auditorium or the region of Heli-pad (open space in front of Auditorium).3. Find the registration desk for the Radiology Resident's 'Hot seat' Review Course at Auditorium and check your details. Collect your delegate kit and the badge, which will ensure your entry to the venue. Kindly call 9811135957, in case of any problem/difficulty.4.We need to stick to time and will start on time at 8:00 AM. Kindly reach the venue on time and do not miss any of the session. We have included extensive late evening spotter sessions with discussions during this course to ensure emphasis on this crucial component of Radiology examinations. With an objective to maximize the learning opportunities, we have incorporated extended course timings from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on days 1 & 2 and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on day 3.5. It is advisable to carry a pen and notebook, to better serve your learning objectives.6. Keep your mobile phones off or on the silent mode only. You can go outside the auditorium to attend to any important call.7. Radiology Resident's 'Hot seat' Review Course is designed to train the residents for approach to an unknown case, film reading and general viva sessions. 'Case-based reviews' will highlight teaching points and imaging checklists. It is advisable to be ready for intense learning activity for the whole day and revise in the evening.8. The highlights of the course include ‘Case-based system-wise HOT-SEAT Review Sessions’ and ‘VIVA Sessions on unknown case films’ for real-exam simulation along with individual feedbacks. Demo sessions will cover ‘Drugs & Devices in Interventional Radiology’, 'Mammography Interpretation', ‘Radiological Contrast Media’, ‘Radiological Procedures’ and ‘Radiography/Radiation Equipments’. The demo session on Radiological procedures will specifically cover BARIUM studies –technique and interpretation. ‘Short teaching sessions’ and ‘Spotters Sessions’ are other key components of the course.9. Total of 20 students will receive Certificates of Appreciation based on their performance during the ‘hot-seat reviews’. Top-scorers award and Spot prizes will be given for the Spotter sessions. Certificates of Distinction will be awarded to the top three students for overall outstanding performance during the course. Soft copy of select course material will also be provided. . If you have not given your names for the hot seat reviews during the registration, you may still submit your name at the venue.10. This three-day course will cover the major topics in all major systems, which are important from exam point of view. If you are ready with the theory, it is much better.11. Also feel free to bring your list of queries and ask whenever time permits.12. Kindly collect your certificates for the course and also submit the feedback forms, before you leave. Make sure to write your correct email IDs on the feedback forms, so that the soft copy of the select presentations can be mailed to you.Looking forward to welcome you for this course.

Course Design

‘Radiology Resident HOT SEAT Review Courses’ are exam-oriented comprehensive courses for post-graduate Radiology students with multi-system, multi-modality course curriculum. The course is designed for the exam-going post-graduate students, who have to appear for the practical component of Radiology DNB,MD, DMRD or any other examination in Radiology. The course is likely to be more useful for these students, if they are ready with the theoretical component. The course is carefully designed in the best interest of the exam-going post-graduate students in Radiology and has following components:

  • Case-based HOT-SEAT Review Sessions for different body systems with interactive discussion and relevant learning points will remain the key feature of the course. The students will have the option to attend the session as either HOT SEAT volunteer or as observer. The updated Hot Seat Session format will provide interactive interface for participants and observers for active learning.

  • Film Reading Session (multi system unknown cases) will be conducted on day 3 for the selected students based on their performance during the Hot Seat sessions, while the remaining students will also participate. The updated format for the Film Reading Session will have small student groups on different tables for interactive learning experience for all the students.

  • Demo sessions will include ‘Drugs & Devices in Interventional Radiology [IR]’, which is sub divided under 4 different stations on day 1. Additional demo sessions on day 2 will include Radiological Contrast Media, Radiology procedures [Barium, HSG & MCU], Recent Advances and Regulation in Radiology practice, Radiography/Radiation equipments and Mammography Image interpretation from examination perspective. The updated format for the Demo Sessions will have small student groups on different tables for ‘hands-on’ interactive learning experience.

  • Short Teaching Sessions - ‘Imaging Pearls & Pitfalls’ sessions and ‘Case-based reviews’ sessions will focus on key topics and exam questions in Radiology MD and DNB exams.

  • OSCE sessions with Q&A, discussions and scoring will prominently feature in the 17 th course, as practice sessions for the DNB final exams along with assessment / scoring by the course faculty.

  • Spotter sessions will continue in the 17 th course as extensive practice sessions in the evening. The format in Spotter Sessions will allow self-assessment and assessment by the course faculty.

  • Radiological anatomy sessions will continue in 17th course as short teaching sessions for select body regions. This will help the students to improve their description of radiological findings.

  • Recent Advances in Radiology will feature in the 17 th course as a brief session so that the

  • students are updated with the latest advancements in the field.

  • Radiology QUIZ will feature in the 17th course as a ‘rapid-fire’ session so that the students are prepared with the ‘must know’ points and instant image interpretation.

  • Mock Exams will be conducted ONLINE as separate ‘add-on session’ on a later date close to the final exams [to be announced]. This will require separate registration and will only have 25 seats. The format for the Mock Exams is exactly same as the final DNB practical exams and will have OSCE session in the morning followed by parallel viva sessions with ‘one student and one examiner’, without any observers. Relevant feedback will be provided to the students after the session for self-assessment. Table viva sessions will include viva sessions on Radiology procedures, Contrast Media, Radiation equipment and Regulations / Recent advances in Radiology for each student. The scores for each section of the exam will be shared with the respective students along with relevant feedbacks for further improvement in the final exams.

  • Certificates of Distinction will be awarded to TOP THREE students for the overall performance.

  • Certificates of Appreciation will be given to the selected students [total 20] based on their performance during the HOT SEAT Reviews and Film Reading Sessions. Top scorers in OSCE and Spotter sessions will be rewarded.

  • Faculty interaction and personalized feedbacks will be an added feature in the 17th course, which will allow platform for the students to understand their strengths / weaknesses and to improve their performance in more effective manner. PDFs of select course material will be mailed after the course to help in revision before the final exams.

  • This comprehensive exam-oriented preparatory course is an excellent opportunity for the Radiology post-graduate students to ENHANCE their performance in the forthcoming examinations and also in their future careers as a Clinical Radiologist.


Course FacultyAffiliation
Dr K.K SaxenaSir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi
Dr C.P.S ChauhanJaypee Hospital, NOIDA, Delhi NCR
Dr Devasenathipathy KandasamyAIIMS New Delhi
Dr Pankaj Sharma,AIIMS Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Dr Ankur GoyalAIIMS New Delhi
Dr Abhinav JainHamdard Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Dr Abhishek BansalSri Balaji Action Medical Institute, New Delhi
Dr Amit SahuMax Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi
Dr Sundeep MallaAmrita Hospital, Faridabad, Delhi NCR
Dr Prerna SaraswatGB Pant Hospital, New Delhi
Dr Nischint JainIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
Dr Malvika GulatiIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
Dr Surabhi GuptaIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
Dr Sandeep VohraIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
Dr Nidhi GoyalIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
Dr Nitin P. GhongeIndraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

Course Coordinator
1. Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge, Senior Consultant & Academic Coordinator, Dept of Radiology.
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. PIN: 110076.
2. Dr. Nidhi Goyal Senior Consultant, Dept of Radiology.
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. PIN: 110076.
3. Dr. Sandeep Vohra, Senior Consultant, Dept of Radiology.
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. PIN: 110076.
Dr. Veena Chowdhury, Former Professor & Head; Dept of Radiology.
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. PIN: 110076.

Vision and Objective

  • Radiology is the branch of Medicine which deals with the scientific use of Imaging Technology for the disease diagnosis and minimally-invasive treatment. Radiology is one of the post-Graduate courses in Medicine. The post-graduate courses in Radiology in India included MD, DNB, DMRD in Radiology (Radio-Diagnosis, Radiological Sciences, Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology). The examination for DNB courses are conducted by National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, while the MD / DMRD exams are conducted by the respective University.

  • DelRad - Radiology Resident Courses [D-RRC] is a duly registered Association of Persons [AOP] and is conducting Radiology Resident Courses since 2015 (twice every year). These are exam-oriented preparatory courses for the post-graduate Radiology students to enhance their chances of success in the Radiology examinations. These courses are conducted at the Auditorium, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

  • DelRad - Radiology Resident Courses is purely an academic initiative and ‘not for profit’, which aim to impart post-graduate education to the Radiology students and particularly focus on the exam-going students. The registration charges for the courses are only utilized to manage the expenses involved in the course organization. These predominantly include catering, advertising, delegate kit, faculty mementos, performance-based prizes/incentives for the students and scholarship for the students.

  • These courses are initiated with the sole objective of helping the exam-going post-graduate students in Radiology and to improve the standards of post-graduate Radiology education in India. We have no intentions or motives to translate or transform this noble initiative into a commercial venture in any form.

  • The course is open to all the Radiology post-graduate students in India and abroad. The course will particularly benefit post-graduate students who are appearing for Radiology DNB, MD, DMRD exams or any other exams in Radiology in near future.

  • DelRad - Radiology Resident Courses [D-RRC], New Delhi.

Mode of Operation

  • We conduct Radiology Resident Courses in the month of February and August every year. The event dates are announced and publicized through the Emails, Whatsapp, Facebook and hard-copy posters.

  • The course registrations are done based on the registration information sent simply through the email. Payment for the course registration is done as Cheque or Demand Draft or NEFT or IMPS or Cash. The students may simply make the payment through one of these options and send us the registration and payment details by email to [email protected]

  • The option for online registration and payment is now also available through www.delrad.in

  • The course faculty involved in teaching at the course includes Radiologists in Delhi, who have an academic inclination and love to teach students. No remuneration is provided to any of the faculty. Only a memento or a small gift is given. No remunerations are provided to any of the course coordinators or organizers. The amount is only utilized for the course-related expenditures and for constituting a scholarship program for the deserving students.

  • The course accounts are duly managed by the Chartered accountants and income tax returns are filed on yearly basis.

Dr Nitin Ghonge

Senior Consultant Radiologist & Ultrasonologist.MD, DNB, MNAMS, FICR, FIMSA.Special Expertise in Evidence-based Medical Diagnosis
& Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge, a distinguished radiologist, brings a wealth of expertise to Evidence HealthCare Clinic. Holding MBBS, MD, DNB [Radiology], FICR, FIMSA credentials and an Abdominal Imaging Fellowship from Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, he stands as a Consultant Radiologist & Ultrasonologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India.With over 15 years of post-qualification experience, Dr. Ghonge's proficiency extends to a spectrum of specialties, including Abdominal Imaging, Vascular studies, and Imaging in Fetal and Reproductive Medicine. His journey encompasses stints at eminent academic institutions, including All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] and Diwanchand Satyapal Aggarwal Imaging Research Centre, KG Marg, New Delhi.His adeptness spans beyond Ultrasound-Doppler, encompassing X-rays, Mammography, CT, MRI, DEXA, Nuclear medicine, PET-CT, PET-MRI, and Interventional Radiology. Beyond clinical excellence, he is actively engaged in Radiology education and research, conducting insightful "Radiology Resident’s ‘Hot-seat’ review courses" at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. This initiative, attended by doctors across North India, exemplifies his dedication to sharing knowledge.Dr. Ghonge's contributions reverberate globally, with over 75 invited presentations at prestigious national and international Radiology conferences. His research finds a place in more than 35 publications across Radiology and non-Radiology scientific journals, alongside 3 book chapters. Holding esteemed roles in Radiology & Imaging journals' editorial boards, including Radiology (Radiological Society of North America), British Journal of Radiology, and more, his impact is palpable.Central to his practice is the cornerstone belief in 'Evidence-based Medicine.' He champions an approach where clinical history, patient needs, and diagnostic precision coalesce, prioritizing a "Patient-centric approach and Problem-solving attitude." With each scan, he seeks not only to visualize but to uncover, leveraging judicious scanning to unravel clinical enigmas. His ethos rests on the prudent, ethical, and comprehensive utilization of imaging technology to fathom the core of symptoms and champion efficient healthcare delivery.Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge's journey is defined by the synergy of evidence, expertise, and a resolute commitment to patient-centered care. At Evidence HealthCare Clinic, his vision echoes, forming an integral part of our commitment to exceptional healthcare.

DelRad ‘Travel Grants’ for Radiology Residents

DelRad - Radiology Resident Courses announces commencement of ‘Travel Grants’ to qualified Radiology Post-graduate students to attend Annual Conference of Radiological Society of North America [RSNA] in Chicago, and Annual conference of European Society of Radiology [ESR] in Vienna.Objective : The travel grant aim to provide financial support to Radiology Post-graduate students to attend two most prestigious international conferences in Radiology. Travel grant will comprise of 50,000INR and a Certificate. This is likely to provide support, motivation and encouragement to the young Radiologist-in-training and will help them shape their careers in Radiology in a better way.


  • Radiology Post-graduate students who are presently in training as part of MD, DMRD or DNB course in Radiology.

  • The student must have duly registered and attended one of the Radiology Residents HOT-SEAT Review Course in 2019 or later.

  • The applicant is also eligible to apply for the travel grant, after registration for the course and before attending the same course. The student may therefore apply for the grant, soon after his/her successful registration for the forthcoming course.

Selection procedure

  • The applications will be invited twice every year and ONE student will receive the grant during each HOT-SEAT course in the month of February and August. The last date of application for the February course will be 31st January and for the August course will be 31st July.

  • Submitted applications will be initially evaluated for fulfillment of eligibility criteria. ONE student will be selected from the eligible applicants based on the Curriculum Vitae and personal statement by the applicant.

  • The decision of selection panel will be final. Any queries or requests for reevaluation will not be considered.

How to apply

  • The application should be submitted through E-mail only and should be sent to [email protected]

  • Last date for submission of application for the February course will be 31st January and for the August course will be 31st July.

  • The application E-mail should clearly state the subject – ‘Application for travel grant’ and should have following documents as PDF attachments:

- Duly filled-in signed Application form (Downloaded from www.delrad.in and uploaded as PDF file).
- Document from University / NBE to certify student’s registration for the MD/DNB/DMRD course in Radiology.
- Letter from applicant’s department head stating the training details and permission to attend RSNA.
- ‘Certificate of attendance’, if the applicant has already attended the Hot Seat Course.
- ‘Course registration acknowledgement’, if the applicant is duly registered for a forthcoming course.
- Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
- Recent photograph.
- Personal statement (in 300 words) to explain how the applicant plans to utilize the chance to attend RSNA/ESR annual meeting for Radiology education and for his/her academic growth.

Grant disbursement

  • The name of the student selected for the travel grant will be announced during the Hot Seat Review Course in February & August every year. The selected student will receive the Certificate at this time. Travel grant amount will be paid by account payee cheque / online money transfer, only after the submission of conference attendance certificate, conference registration details, airline boarding passes and student’s bank account details.

  • The selection for the travel grant will remain valid for maximum of TWO years and the selected student should submit the documents for the disbursement of the grant within TWO years, from the date mentioned on the grant certificate.

  • Grant recipients are also expected to provide a brief report summarizing their trip to RSNA, learning experiences and the potential impact on their careers.


  • The travel grant by DelRad is only meant to provide PARTIAL financial support to Radiology Post-graduate students to attend the RSNA / ESR annual conferences.

  • The grant will be disbursed as a partial reimbursement after the submission of required documents of the expenses and conference attendance, as mentioned. DelRad will not be responsible for the additional expected or unexpected expenses incurred during the trip.

  • If the selected student fail to provide the stated documents or does not travel to RSNA/ESR meeting within the stipulated period, the grant amount will not be paid at all.

  • Bookings for Air travel & hotel accommodation, visa application and the conference registrations need to be performed by the selected students themselves.

Course schedule

Not scheduled yet, Please stay tuned

"The art of MEDICINE consists in amusing the patient, while the NATURE cures the disease”…Reading today, this famous quote by Voltaire made as early as 17th century, does seem to underplay the crucial role medical professionals play in alleviating the human sufferings. But if we read ‘between the lines’, the quote does make lot of sense without understating the science of Medicine and the role of medical professionals. It simply emphasizes the impact of Mother Nature in life of humans during health and disease.Amid scientific advancements and technological innovations, the human’s thought process today certainly has a greater scientific inclination than ever before. With same scientific temperament, Doctors tend to seek scientific explanations and evidence-based solutions to provide relief to the suffering patient. ‘Patient-centric’ approach and ‘Problem-solving’ attitude are certainly vital assets of a good Doctor. In present times, we all need to understand the limitations of scientific knowledge, potential side-effects of technology and implications of widespread commercialism. It is time that we realize and respect the role of Mother Nature in disease processes and follow the nature’s laws.As Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in 15th century itself.“Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those, who live according to its laws”.We, at Evidence Healthcare Clinic, work on same philosophy and believe in sincere, ethical and balanced approach towards our work and patients. Whether it is use of diagnostic investigations or line of treatment, we always adopt a ‘balanced’ approach rather than being too ‘aggressive’ or too ‘conservative’. We always integrate clinical skills and scientific evidence with due respect to patient’s preferences to provide ‘state-of-the-art’ healthcare services. We practice ‘Evidence-based Medicine’ with high standards of sincerity and medical ethics so as to ensure high healthcare standards for our patients without compromising the sync with Nature.

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